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Recovering Hope

Hope Hanging

As I was in bed, early this morning, listening to the birds chirping above the dull roar of the neighbourhood oil refinery, I was struck by a thought, “I am a blessed man!”

 Just a few months ago I resembled Humpty Dumpty and I felt sure that all the King’s resources could not ‘put me together again.’ Since that time a new feeling has begun to arise. I have awakened to a new hope, a living hope, and I am so blessed.

When I didn’t know what else to do I decided I would go to Stone church in the Up Town of Saint John and pray each morning. Gradually I let folks know what I was doing and inviting them to come and join me. Over the months many have and some quite regularly. Out of our times of prayer came a glimmer of an idea, a God thought. We should begin to live out hope on our streets! This led quite naturally to the concept of having our own “Street Hope Community” here in Saint John.

One morning as I was sharing about this idea of Street Hope, S. who was then new to our little group, clutched at his breast and said “Street Hope! Just the words bring light into my chest!” He was so excited and his excitement was contagious. God lit something in his heart and it began to spread. God used S. and others to kindle in me a new and living hope; a hope I believe can be just as contagious.

‘Street Hope’ is a ministry of Threshold Ministries here in Canada. There are several versions of this dotted across the vast landscape of our country. I have received much encouragement from Shawn Branch the Director of Threshold and many others for this project. We are planning a launching event for ‘Street Hope Saint John’ Friday Sept. 14.

We are not waiting for the launch to launch though. We will continue to meet for prayer and study in the mornings and on Monday evenings; starting July 30th we will be hosting a study and support group “Recovering Hope”. We have been busily putting up poster and passing out hand bills for “Recovering Hope.”

Tomorrow is the big day! I walk my girl down the aisle. We had a rehearsal last night and it is going to be a fun night. I managed to be ‘dry eyed’ at the rehearsal and I am hopeful that I will likewise survive the real event. Today is a busy day of picking up relatives and preparing. After a season spent in low gear maybe it is time to rev it up a bit.

Stay hopeful! Please.




One comment on “Recovering Hope

  1. Thanks for this post, Reed. So glad that hope is rising, not just in your spirit, but in the streets of Saint John as well. I needed to read this today as I have been feeling low. It’s been a rough time, but I’ve made it through – and I have hope! Blessings and love to you and Linda, and may you all have a blessed day tomorrow. And, hey, give up the attempts at being a man-of-steel. We all know you’re a marshmallow, and that’s why we love you. :o)

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