Getting Ready to Party!

Oil lamp

In a little over a week I walk my daughter down the aisle. Our home has been consumed with wedding preparations. This week I got to spend the afternoon with Judith looking for ‘pocket squares’ for the groomsmen. This is not something I ever pictured doing. At my own wedding all I had to do was, basically, show up. I am glad that I managed to do that! But I am now learning all the intricate preparations that happen behind the scenes. There is a lot of thought and effort and teamwork which goes into a family wedding. Who knew? Reality has begun to set in.

But is it really reality? The marriage of Judith and Mike is not the real thing! It is a shadow or imitation of the real thing. Their wedding is a loving homage to the real thing, which is the mystical union of Christ and His Church. To say that something we describe as mystical is the real thing while the ‘corporal’ marriage of these young folks is the ‘shadow’, seems counter-intuitive nevertheless this is the actual case.

Jesus tells the story of the wise and foolish maidens. The wise were prepared and the foolish were not. The wise had lamps filled with oil ready to greet the Bridegroom and the foolish did not.

All this has caused me to wonder if I give near the attention to the real thing, which is Christ’s soon return for His Bride. I have been willingly preparing for the temporal wedding and given short shrift to the spiritual and true wedding preparations.

Preparations include attention to the details in my life. Am I giving adequate attention to this reality? Am I engaging: thought, effort and teamwork in preparation for the real wedding? Am I concerned with my own purity? Am I vitally concerned that others be ready?

One day we will go to meet Him or He will come. I think Baden Powell has some good advice for us, “Be prepared!”

What ways should we be preparing? Leave a comment. Let’s have a conversation.

Sunday we celebrated M.’s birthday at Up Town. HE was going to be quite alone this year and I had promised him a cake. Earlier that day someone slipped me some cash to use for Any purpose I thought appropriate, so that afternoon I went out and bought a chocolate ice cream cake and had them write a happy birthday message. It was a simple thing and God had marvellously provided, but it meant so much to M. He was visibly moved as we sang our off key rendition of “Happy Birthday”. I thought “This is what the Kingdom looks like, a party for the lonely!”


2 comments on “Getting Ready to Party!

  1. We have a wedding planner checklist -provided by our bridegroom. Matthew 5-7
    The instruction is clear ….do we “sometimes” miss a step or two?

  2. I love the advice of Peter, who upon reflecting upon the soon coming Christ asks, “What kind of people ought we to be?” and then he answers his own question in this way, “You ought to live holy and godly lives as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.” Certainly our preparing ought to be to grow in holiness and godliness.

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