I was chatting with the guys at Community 113 the other night. I really enjoy being a part of this community but sometimes I slip into the idea that I am ‘pastor’ not member! I am convinced that I need to be both. I was brought abruptly up, to this when our conversation drifted to plans for our Deer Island trip. This is our annual pilgrimage to worship God in nature. I said that I didn’t think we could go this year. The idea of raising the money for this just seemed too heavy for me. I am now in a position of raising funds for myself in a much increased way, and to tell the truth I am still feeling a bit worn out. The idea of taking up this challenge seemed too daunting for me. My friend confronted me with the truth. He said “It isn’t a question of money. It’s a question of faith!”
As the conversation went along we realised that I was assuming (a dangerous thing) that the responsibility was all mine. In the short time since then my friend has commitments for over $400. We have discussed how to get our Up Town community involved in both raising money and in planning the trip.
I have been touting community so much and I was neglecting my greatest human resource, my community! The thought of not going was wearing on me but the thought of shouldering the load was even heavier but now (thanks to my friend) I have a much healthier view of this. It seems so much more possible.
Together we will create the miracle I said would need to happen in order for the trip to happen.
We are praying God will give us a musician/worship leader for the trip this year.
On a personal note, the house is filled with wedding preparations. This is all so positive and exciting. My mind goes back to our first trip, 5 (?) years ago, to Deer Island. I had a bit of a fall and shattered my jaw. During the ambulance drive to Saint John there was a point where I was in danger of drowning in my own blood. I thought “Is this what it is like to die?” I was not frightened, in fact it had the feel of falling back into a comfy mattress. It was then that I thought of Linda and my children; David and Judith. As painful as it was to cough up that blood, with my jaw as it was, I summoned myself to life.
As I look forward to walking my girl down that aisle I am glad that I made a very painful decision.


6 comments on “DUH!

  1. “I have been touting community so much and I was neglecting my greatest human resource, my community!” I find this is such a deep and important aspect of our life- the willingness to convey our needs – including the reality of physical weariness and monetary weariness! People want to love us!

    “Letting it out there” requires such vulnerability and the willingness to accept unfeigned love – so hard for us humans! But such benefit on both sides – and shades of things to come ! (the word ‘touting’ is such a good choice here!) ❤ XO Meredith

  2. Hi Reed:
    My friend Patrick, who works with the urban poor in Manilia and other places has taught us that the resources are in the harvest. Your experience seems to verify that.

  3. Patrick is a hero of mine. I’ll have to remember this truth. I find I’m so forgetful at times.
    Thanks Rob. I hope to visit you sometime this summer and check out your new oven.

  4. Hey, I finally checked out deer Island on the web. Quite a beautiful place to journey and looks like lots of beauty on the way. Do you camp-out on Deer Island point? Must be amazing!

    • The ‘Christian Church’ (the denomination which says it is not a denomination) has a camp there. Children’s camps take place in July and they rent it to us quite cheaply in August. Up Town has gone every August for the past 6 years. It is a special place. We talked at Up Town tonight about spending the week in prayer and getting together next week to talk about how we can put legs on our prayers.

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