Fresh Starts and Favour

Four and a half months ago she was an 87 pound crack addict. Today she has put on a healthy amount of weight is clean and sober and following Jesus. Last Sunday, at Up Town she was baptized, after sharing a testimony, giving God all the glory.  It was a glorious way to celebrate Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit. After all, one of the chief ministries of the Holy Spirit is to draw people to Jesus. The Holy Spirit has certainly been active in M.’s life. As she rose out of the water she glowed like Moses face must have on Sinai. It was a glorious evening! All of us knew God’s encouragement that night. My thoughts were drawn to that old hymn “What He’s done for others, He’ll do for you.” The miracle we had witnesses over these past few months demonstrates God’s favour toward us. We are truly living in “… the year of the Lord’s favour.”

Each week day morning I am joined by M. and other walking miracles, as we gather for a study of the book of James and a time of prayer. This time of worship and study is preparing us for our ministry together as Street Hope Saint John. We are planning, soon, to start an evening program ‘Hope Recovery’ which we trust will be a means for folks to find freedom in Christ from various addictions and behaviours.

Amy is producing a brochure for us. I am hoping to include some endorsements of 2 – 3 sentences, commending Street Hope Saint John to people. If you feel you would like to contribute in this way you may use the comments section or email me.

I am trying to craft a ‘tag line’ for Street Hope materials, such as emails. Here are a few

  • “Bringing hope to the street”
  • “Hope for the street.”
  • “Exchanging hope for hopelessness”
  • “Hope that does not disappoint”

Let me know which you like and why.

I have received so much encouragement and support, I am truly humbled and I feel very much ‘on the rebound!’ Thank you so much for continuing to walk with me. Perhaps you know someone you could share this blog with. It would be good to expand the network.

<>< Reed



7 comments on “Fresh Starts and Favour

  1. I would so like to have been at that baptism. Some day I would like to come and worship with you at Up Town. I am proud of you my brother.

    • Thanks so much Barry. It is a joy to see a life transformed like M.’s. If God can do that it makes you believe He can do anything. Your encouragement means a lot to me. I hope I can visit you at your church sometime.

  2. “Bringing Hope to the Street” It speaks the mission succinctly. Blessings, Bro!

  3. “hope that does not disappoint” may seem impossible to live up to these days. Of course what is impossible with man is always possible with God! Go with God Reed. May Holy Spirit bless your steps!

  4. 1 Peter 1.3 would be a great theme verse, wouln’t it?

    • I agree it would make a great theme. You have inspired me. I think I’m going to challenge all the folks in the community to memorise a version of this so we can share it when we talk about Streety Hope.

  5. I like “Hope for the Streets” or “Bringing Hope to the Street”. The first I listed is the most succinct.

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