He’s Already Answering

I started a new spiritual practise this week. On each week day morning I go to a quiet spot at Stone Church to pray for Saint John’s inner-city and especially for the poor, the addicted, and the marginalized. I told several people I would be doing this and invited them to ‘drop by’ anytime they were free. We have been as many as 11! And there are several folks who have become deeply committed to this. One of the things I wanted to pray about was the idea of a ‘Christian Community’ or Neo-Monastic Community forming in our Up Town. I have a vision of such a community becoming a catalytic presence for transformation. As many will know I am ‘a bit weary’ right now and I am coming (slowly) to the realization that I need to be a part of a symphony rather than a one man band. The very cool part is that as I purposed to pray for this community of the transformed God would already be answering by the people he was drawing to join me! I am sensing, with very real excitement, that God is doing something in us as we pray for our wider community. The plan, such as it is, is to continue to meet and pray. We have all shared visions and ideas of what the future may hold but we are determined to ensure we are following Jesus and not running ahead. Some of the vision includes beginning a new Christ Centred 12 Step group both as maintenance for ourselves and as our vehicle for bringing and discipling others. We shared about; running an ongoing Alpha program, about coming alongside other mission focused ministries to quietly help and support them in their outreach programs, and about one day having a house where we could be a community in every way and could reach out to the homeless who needed a Christ Centred home. Our group is made up almost entirely of former addicts and even a former dealer. They know the path, and can share the path in authentic ways which I can’t.

One of the main issues facing us is finances and even there God has begun to act. A couple, who I have never met, have generously offered to help with a significant regular gift. I believe this is God showing us that we can trust him entirely! This is a valuable lesson for me as I need to trust him for my personal finances in a way I never have before.

A few weeks ago I shared about A.’s decision to follow Jesus. This Sunday we will be celebrating her baptism as she has invited friends and family to Up Town. This afternoon I’m going to borrow the tank from the local Vineyard Church.

I will be at a Threshold Ministries Conference in Jacksons Point Ontario next week and I don’t know if I will have access to the internet so I may not be blogging then. Until then as Red Green would say “Keep your stick on the ice.”


2 comments on “He’s Already Answering

  1. Thanks Reed – another great post. Marci and I are praying for you and yours.


  2. Blessings, Reed! Hugs to all~

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