Positive Not Pollyanna

I have been struck/stuck with the idea of ‘pearls in the mud’. This mindset is not Pollyanna but rather biblical. I realize all too well that there is mire. I could hardly forget! But in this battle for my mind I am choosing to look for the ‘pearls’ buried here in the mire and most of all ‘the Pearl of Great Price”.

One such pearl was A. who began coming to Up Town recently. In her own words “… became a Christian tonight (Sunday)” I was not at my energetic best during our time together as Up Town but God was powerfully working. A. made her decision to be a follower of Jesus and an older woman decided to recommit herself and her ways. It was tremendous and tremendously encouraging! I met with A. at a community supper Monday and we had a long chat about things and she asked about baptism. We will probably be arranging something in the weeks ahead. I have to arrange to borrow a tank.

I have been getting a number of calls, visits, and notes from supportive friends and I am reminded how good it is to be a part of the wider community “the Body of Christ.” I continue to do my ‘volunteer work’ with Up Town; this includes the Friday Night Drop In and the Sunday Worship Time. I have decided to venture out Monday nights to a community supper where I meet a lot of my friends from the inner-city. I will also be going to Stone mornings Monday – Friday where I will be praying. I have invited some of my Up Town friends to join me and I expect some will.

I have new sympathy for people who deal daily with government bureaucracy, as I am in the midst of registering for EI. I am sure I am growing in patience but I hope I don’t go broke in the meantime.

Mostly I am reading and rereading scripture. I find myself in the Psalms a lot I am especially struck with Psalm 6 and I invite you to read it and perhaps share your thoughts in the comments section of this blog. My search for wisdom has led me to Proverbs and I particularly enjoy Eugene Peterson’s earthy take on them in ‘The Message.” A friend recommended Henry Drummond’s sermon “The Greatest Thing’ to me and this has led to a weekly revisit to 1 Corinthians 13.

I am doing better, in fact the last two nights I had an uninterrupted night’s sleep for the first time in over a month. I do not want to leave the impression that things are ‘good’ for me right now but I do want to say “God is good!” Please feel free to comment I enjoy hearing from you.


6 comments on “Positive Not Pollyanna

  1. With you in thoughts and prayers. Ken

  2. I’m so grateful to the psalms and especially enjoy the way the RSV and NRSV translate ‘cheesed’ as ‘steadfast love’ (KJV ‘lovingkindness’ isn’t bad either, but NIV ‘love’ seems a bit weak). ‘Deliver me for the sake of your steadfast love…’ (v.4).

    Loving God, deliver my friend Reed for the sake of your steadfast love…

  3. ‘chesed’, not ‘cheesed’!!!!!

  4. I wondered if “cheesed” was a Hebrew word. I don’t know “chesed” either but at least it doesn’t look English.
    I’ve been reading the Psalms too and thought of suggesting the first few to you, Reed. I’m also memorizing Psalm 100 which I thought I already knew and I remember you preaching on it several times. Mom likes me to read Scripture to her, and poetry.
    God is good and He is working things out. Conference will be good for us and the visits with family and friends in Ontario just afterward.

  5. that’s awesome that you guys can get away for conference this year! That’s at Jackson’s Point, Lake Simcoe is it? Has the National Gathering (commissioning conference) always been there? I’m just trying to remember 34 years ago and where it was back then?
    Anyway sounds like a great opportunity to stay on the Master’s lap Reed. I encourage you to hold onto that intimacy with Jesus!

    • We used to go up to the Cawartha’s in the old days, to a place called Elim Lodge. We had gone to Jackson’s point for several years but Threshold could not afford to do it each year. So we are really stoked for this one. thanks for the encouragement.

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