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Wading Through the Mire

Last week I wrote about pearls in mud. I concentrated on the pearls and I always want to do that but in an effort to be transparent I must admit to being overwhelmed with mud right now. I have my own paraphrase of Isaiah 43:2 “when you pass through the swamp the mud will not sweep over you.” I also love Isaiah 42:3 “A bruised Reed He will not break.” I do feel extremely bruised this week. A variety of difficulties; some financial, some organizational and an additional incident of violence, have me reeling emotionally. My body is reacting to all this stress in the most distressing ways. I know in my head and believe in my heart that God is in control but my body is slow in coming into line. This means that I have had to take some time off. I have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and we will have to decide on my future after that. I so admire folks at Up town for their transparency and so I tell you this as an effort to rise to my friends’ level of vulnerability. I also write inviting your prayers.

I have had a number of phone calls from folks offering support and sharing that they miss me. I see these calls as more pearls.

The group from Community 113 skipped our usual Tuesday night Bible study and visited a  charismatic healing meeting at  local Roman Catholic Church. The worship was tremendous and we witnessed healings. We will have to have a discussion next week on ‘singing in tongues’ but that is more of an opportunity than a problem.

Last Monday’s Overcomers was another tremendous one. We shared about the power of truth. The idea is that most (almost all) of our struggles are a result of what we believe. If we are influenced by the enemy of our souls who is a liar and the father of all lies, then we are believing a lie. Believing a lie puts us in a kind of bondage. For instance this week I shared with a friend that I felt like nothing ever worked out for me. I was having a little pity party. My friend sternly rebuked me and I saw that I was buying into a lie. The truth is that God has a future and a hope for me. As we get the lie out where we can examine it and see it for what it is then we can seek the truth and simply replace the lie with the truth. Truth after all will set us free! The guys were thrilled with this insight and have chatted with me about the difference this is already making in their lives. Sometimes I feel a bit hypocritical sharing this while I am struggling but the struggle does not deny the truth instead it will, I trust, vindicate the truth. Again I get the opportunity to live what I teach! I guess I should count it all joy.

Please join me and Linda and we anticipate what God has for us as we wade through the mire.


One comment on “Wading Through the Mire

  1. excellent paraphrases Reed! Thanks for reminding us that we get to go through all this and not get stuck in it! ‘All kinds of troubles but not crushed’… Paul even called then “light and momentary”! Love your perseverance bro!

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