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Preach Pray or Die

I am going to keep this short. I am feeling really unwell today.

I was reminded of the unofficial motto of Church Army this week “Be prepared to; preach, pray, or die at a moment’s notice!” I arrived at the chapel wednesday to the message that V., who was to lead our 1:30 Bible Study “Following Jesus in Recovery”, could not make it that day. I already had a busy morning schedukled with litle or no room to prepare. After an intial thought of cancelling I heard Capt. T.’s voice quoting the above motto. V. ‘s message included the scripture passage he planned to use. It was the story of a desperate leper falling on his face before Jesus. He was a perfect example of a powerless human being. We had the largest group so far and we discussed powerlessness that has no room for self justification, denial, or manipulation. The same passage quotes Jesus as saying ” I am willing.” The good news is that all we can offer our saviour is our need of Him and that He is willing to meet us in that place of our powerlessness.

I am grateful for mentors in my life like Capt. T. Another great influence was Jack Sperry, who recently passed away. I learned a deep appreciation for the study of God’s word from this great man who took time to spend with me when i was just starting out in ministry.

Back to bed!


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