Sorry … I misplaced the Saviour

This Christmas we worked hard at not being consumed by consumerism. I think we did rather well on that score. I was feeling a bit spiritually smug until I went to a Christmas Eve service and the preacher spoke on Luke 2:41 – 52. It was not a typical Christmas text for it is about Jesus’ visit to the temple at age 12. It was about how in the business of family and friends and activity, that his family lost track of Jesus. I vaguely remember being left behind at my grandparents by my mom and dad. They had the excuse of having to hustle a big family into a little family car. In all the hub bub of getting packed up they drove all the way home without me. I know what MacAuley Culkin felt like! But just earlier in the chapter (though 12 years before) they had intimate knowledge of who Jesus was and their sacred role in redemption’s story. Yet some how they misplaced the Saviour. It made me smile to recognize what fallible characters inhabit the pages of scripture. How could they so easily forget? But I soon found myself smiling at my own penchant for spiritual amnesia. I had not been spending money but I had been spending a lot of time and effort on Christmas activities. I have a responsibility to feed a lot of people each week and to try and provide a festive time for them. This is a duty I love and willingly undertake. It is a task I do out of love for Jesus. But in the midst of Christmas dinners and Christmas brunches and a whole host of very good activities I found myself having forgotten to be with Jesus. Now I cut myself all sorts of slack for good deeds and good intentions. I even give myself credit for being preoccupied with weddings (one of which happens tonight). But good deeds and good intentions and even family celebrations are no excuse for misplacing our saviour.
Jesus’ parents rushed back and found the misplaced Saviour. He welcomed their return but it made it clear that, after all it was not he who was misplaced but it was them. I am glad that I can rush back to a forgiving Saviour who was never really misplaced and be restored to the intimate fellowship for which I was created.
All this goes to show how easy it is to become distracted but how simple it is to return! I’m grateful.
David (our son) gets married tonight to a woman he simply adores. I’m looking forward to the celebration with family and friends. I am so pleased that he and Victoria know Jesus and are determined not to misplace Him in their lives.
Have blessed New Year with Jesus in the proper place in your life.
<>< Reed


6 comments on “Sorry … I misplaced the Saviour

  1. Thanks. A great reminder.Have a wonderful celebration today!!!! And congratulations to David and Victoria.!!!! A beautiful day!!!

  2. Boy are you hitting on 8 cilinders. Wonderful Blog No need to reply W.M.

  3. May Jesus fill your New Year!! God’s richest

  4. Thanks Reed. We were really blessed this Christmas by being able to help a single mom not be evicted because her money was stolen, to help with a clean water project, to give a smile with Smile Train, and mose especially rescure two kidnapped todlers so they were with their mom for Christmas. This is just a few. God is so good. Have a great New Year. Jim and Frankie

  5. Blessings to you and your family tonight! What a great way to start the new year.

  6. Good reminder Reed – thank you. And may God richly bless your family with joy and love tonight. I hope it’s not too long before we get to share a pot of coffee…

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