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Commitment… you gotta love it!

Every Monday night a group of 8 -12 of us get together for
what we call “Over comers”. These are folks who are really serious about
following Jesus and finding freedom from lives of addiction. Monday nights have
become a highlight of my week. Each day I get to see a lot of people with very
real needs. I am given the opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ to
them but many do not yet respond positively to the Good News. Monday night
stands in sharp contrast as we gather as a community of the committed! I am a
person of deep commitment. I am deeply committed to Threshold Ministries; there
is no group I would rather serve with. I am committed to Up Town and our
community there. I am committed to my wife of 30 years. I thrive on commitment
and so I thrill at a community that is seriously committed to following Jesus,
like the Over Comers.

Next week I am off to PEI for a regional Chaplains meeting.
I have already met several of the dedicated chaplains but I am looking forward
to meeting others and sharing in a fellowship of those committed to this

Last Sunday at Up Town we had Graydon Nicholas the Lieutenant
Governor of New Brunswick share. He spoke of the healing he had found, from
past hurts and gave those of us there some practical tools for finding freedom
from our past hurts. This involved visualising washing the feet of those who
have hurt us and then letting them wash our feet in return. Just yesterday I
had a conversation with one of our friends who has begun to employ this
strategy and is already experiencing a new freedom. His Honour, was very
gracious and genuinely enjoyed his time with us. He found it a refreshing
evening and took a copy of our “Popcorn Prayers” with him as he left. It was a
great evening!

I have been doing some thinking about the “Occupy” movements
happening around the world. The other day I was reading a Church history book
as the author analysed the anti-colonial movements in the post-war period.
These movements were unfocussed as to what the solutions or future might look
like but sprang from a profound sense that the current (colonial system0 was
not working for the benefit of the populous. People in the colonial system did
not understand these protests which seemed anarchical. It was a very messy time
and the resulting conflicts continue to reverberate with negative consequences
to this day. “Occupy” at its core may be a recognition that the current system
of this western world does not work for the populous. Perhaps this is a time
for the Church of Christ to be a peculiar people and exemplify that there is
another way, the generous way of God’s Economy. Just a thought.


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