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Home Sick

Mark Buchanan, in his book “Spiritual Rhythm”, writes about his native BC “Few places rival its beauty. But New Brunswick in October comes close. New Brunswick’s trees, especially are hypnotically beautiful. The forests are mosaics of leaf .I’d round a bend of lonely highway, and the harrowing beauty of yet another hill aflame with color distracted me near to crashing.

Coming from coastal BC, I thought fall meant leaves turned brown, fell, and winter, sodden and bleary, stumbled in, noncommittal. But New Brunswick, flaunting itself like Joseph in his coat of many colors, made me jealous as Joseph’s brothers, and I sulked because the Father hadn’t given me on, too.”

Fall here is indeed a glorious and fleeting time. We long to see the trees at their peak of splendor and yet we know it will be fleeting and that soon the bare branches become harbingers of an icy future!

I love the sights and sounds and smells of fall. It is, in my part of the world the shortest of seasons, but oh how I relish it. This coat of many colours which the Father gives and the joy it brings points me to a yearning for the glory that never fades. As I peer out through the wisps of fog upon the woods resplendent with fiery hues, I realize that we are but vapour and I long for the Kingdom that does not end. Each fall is a promise and a foretaste of the glory yet to be revealed. It heartens me and makes me homesick at the same time. It is ironic that I can be homesick for a place I have not yet seen and yet I know its glory surpasses the glory He paints in the forests ofNew Brunswick.

On some personal notes; I continue to find my way and settle into the ministry with Saint John Community Chaplaincy. I make new friends each day. At Up Town on Sunday we celebrate our 7th anniversary and we have The Hon. Graydon Nicholas, the Lt. Gov. of the province as our guest. I believe this anniversary marks a milestone for us and that God would have us impact our community more and more.


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