Walking With Joshua

At Up Town we’ve been having a lot of fun studying the book
of Joshua. It has been five weeks and we have got to the end of chapter
one.  One of our key areas of struggle is
with a sense of inferiority and helplessness. God’s word to Joshua directly addresses
this. God tells Joshua to trust Him and not to be afraid. We realized that we
could do that. In fact it sounds quite simple to trust God and not be afraid.
We cannot trust ourselves or we have lots of reason to be discouraged. The call
is to know God’s promises to us and then simply trust Him as we seek to walk in
His way.

We also discovered that God’s people were intended to do
this in community. The 2 ½ tribes were to cross over with the rest and no one
was to rest until all the people could rest. Our concept of being a community of
“broken people” is reinforced by this lesson. We are called as ‘a body’ to
follow Jesus. If we try to follow Him solely on our own we are probably not
following Him closely at all.

In Joshua one the Israelites had a serious system of
accountability. In fact they covenanted that if anyone deviated from this norm
they would be killed. While we are not ready to be quite so extreme we realize
that it becomes imperative that we encourage each other and devise gentle means
of accountability to one another for our walk with Jesus.

It has been a great time of seeing the scripture come alive
as we seek to apply God’s truth to our communal life. One of our key phrases is
“It is not rocket surgery!” We all note that these lessons are plain and simple.
We are not asked to do what is beyond us. And we realize that apart from the
power of the Holy Spirit we cannot follow through on even the simplest of

I am aware that I am not sharing anything startling or even
fresh but the sense of following as a community gives us an exciting kinship
with Israel as they followed their Jeshua. I am stoked!

Next month we celebrate our 7th (a significant
number) anniversary. We have invited the Lieutenant Governor to come and
celebrate with us. It has been a great ride so far but we are not going to rest
until we can all rest. Let His Kingdom come. Hosanna!


4 comments on “Walking With Joshua

  1. Congrats on your 7th, Reed and Uptown Church.


    Ed Hird+

  2. Hey Reed: This is so exciting. Practically speaking how is the study happening, after the service, small groups, during the service instead of sermon, what are the mechanics of the thing?

  3. Your thoughts are timely for the Body of Christ. I am encouraged. I am seeing great fruit when there is trust and no fear, and flexing love towards Body unity whatever that takes to achieve, and though accountability is a lovely principle it is a messy process if humility is not the key ingredient for all parties concerned. Is there any precidence to impose accountability, maybe, maybe not, but one can hope, watch, and pray.

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