God’s School of Ministry

30 years ago I really longed for an itinerant preaching ministry.
Of course no one trusted a newly graduated minister with their pulpit, but they
did let me do a children’s ministry (giving me care of “their most precious
possessions”). After travelling with Bert and Ernie and Kermit for 15 years I
finally found myself with an itinerant ministry ranging across Manitoba and
Saskatchewan. The lesson I learned was that God may give us a desire but He
only fulfills that desire in His good time.

I was reminded of that lesson as I remembered 9/11 this
week. Like many I was dramatically impacted by that day. I decided that God was
calling me to a redoubled effort in terms of mission and evangelism. I had to
drop an number of good things I was involved in, such as being a part of
Anglican Renewal Ministries, and focus ‘like a laser’ on evangelism. It was
after that event that we moved to an inner-city church and not long afterwards
started Up Town Church. I also had a burning desire to do ministry in prisons
and the correctional setting.  Here 10
years later I find myself immersed in the inner-city and ministry in
correctional settings. This has not been a deliberate path I sought but rather
God fulfilling the desires of my heart, which He in fact gave me.

Having priorities means saying no to lots of things and some
very good things, but a yes to God and His way opens possibilities like no
other. I still find myself in God’s school of ministry and I look forward to
all He has in store. He really does “give us the desires of our heart.”


3 comments on “God’s School of Ministry

  1. Interestingly, and prophetically enough, your children’s ministry turned into mine and I am still doing it full time! And even have gone around the US and Europe with it! Thanks for thinking of me that summer a long time ago…

  2. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Amen?

  3. Yes, He does give to us the desires He places in our hearts, in His time!!!!! You are in a good hands in a good place.

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