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Feeling the Squeeze

I have the great privilege of sharing “A Word From Our Sponsor”
before lunch each day in our community The other day I shared that God doesn’t
want us to be squeezed into the world’s mold (thanks J.B. Philips). He has
better plans for us than this world offers. He has plans to transform us. He
has plans to bring us hope and a future.

We need to remind ourselves of this often. I especially
needed it that day. My day started by meeting with one of our residents of
Community 113 and asking him to find other accommodations. The current
situation was not good for him and was hindering others. Next I cried with a
mom who learned her husband has been abusing her teen age daughter. Then I met
a friend who was devastated. Someone had poured sugar in his gas tank and he
could not do his delivery job. This was the latest in a string of car troubles
and his employer lost patience and fired him. He lost, his car, his job and
probably his apartment. As a community we were certainly feeling the squeeze of
this world but the good news is that if we refuse to let these disappointments form
us that God promises he will transform us. A friend at chaplaincy told me the other
day that when the devil comes knocking, he sends Jesus to answer. I think he’s
got the right idea.

Monday I start my first “Over Comers” group. We are going to
be thinking a bit about Psalm 1 and asking ourselves “Where we are planted?”
The conversation should lend itself to a discussion of   our
inability to produce positive changes apart from a deep rooted reliance on God.

I am learning things every day and I realize I’ll need to
develop new layers of accountability and support. I find it all so exciting! I
think I actually like chaos. I must be in the right spot.


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