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Merging Into One Lane

So I have a thousand ideas I want to try in my latest
incarnation. I have ideas for empowering people for service. I have ideas for
kicking Seminary of the Street into high gear. I have ideas about developing
Social Enterprise businesses. I have ideas about increasing prayer and prayer
ministry. I have ideas for raising more support. I have ideas for involving
local churches and have my friends involved in blessing local churches. I have
a thousand ideas that excite me!

You have probably had the experience of several lanes of
traffic, on the highway, merging into one. That is what my first day experience
was like. The only way through is to exercise patience and persistence.
Yesterday I did a whole lot of listening and I suspect that is what I’ll be
doing, mostly, for the next several weeks. We have had a good number of
volunteers over the last number of months who have carried this ministry and
the very last thing I want is to hinder that in any way. I envision their
continuing efforts allowing me to follow harder after some of my dreams.

Over the next few weeks I want to ask people to fill in the
blank in this sentence, “Community Chaplaincy at its best is like…..” I am
hoping to arrive at an image which will help steer our collective efforts into
the future. An image like this will help us to set priorities and not rush
madly off in all directions.

Patience has not always been a strength of mine and I don’t
want it to become my chief attribute (I like sensing a holy urgency) but I know
I must develop (or better yet let God develop) more of it in my life. For
now  I may be sitting in a traffic jam so
I must practise patience and (unlike in real traffic jams) enjoy the time.


One comment on “Merging Into One Lane

  1. Thanks for sharing! Sure can relate to the need for patience, Reed.
    I believe you’ll do excellent as you continue to nourture your vision. Keep reading the road ahead and anticipating the next turn…

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