It Takes A Community

I am thinking about how much I need community; honest
accepting community. That is what I have found with Up Town. I benefit so much
from being a part of this beautiful community of the broken. A dozen of us
ferried off to our annual vacation on Deer Island. We had a tremendous time
with one another in God’s creation. We ate really well. We drank gallons of
coffee. The bravest among us swam in the Bay of Fundy. We all were deeply
ministered to by God! The chosen theme was finding wholeness in Christ and it
proved to be an apt one. There were no injuries (and no kite flying). We spent
our days pouring out gratitude and came back even more thankful.

Next week I begin the new phase of my life as Community
Chaplain here in Saint John. My goal is continue to learn and grow in ‘community’.
The size of my community is expanding. The brokenness is everywhere! It will be
such a challenge. Someone asked me the other day if I felt up to this, my
response was “Of course not!” A friend took me out to coffee the other day and
I shared with him that I believe, with apologies to Hilary, that it takes a
community to raise a chaplain.

I have been invited to share at Stone Church’s Neighbourhood
Celebration tomorrow and I have asked some of my community friends to join me on
the platform as we share what God is doing in our lives through this community
of the broken.

I quietly and without fanfare leave my days at Taylor
College behind and press on into a new venture but it also feels like a
continuation of my journey. I will be learning to swim in a bit bigger pond. I
guess I’ll get in the same way I get into the Bay of Fundy. I’ll plunge in and
trust God.


8 comments on “It Takes A Community

  1. You are truly blessed in your community!

  2. Hope you enjoy the pond as much or even more than the Bay. You`ll probably be in the pond much longer.

  3. I’am happy that God has called you to this ministry of building community. My prayers are with you
    as you go forward on this journey!

  4. Reed, Marci and I will be thinking of you and praying for you. Let us know if there is anything specific we can pray for.

  5. It sounds like the next leg of a wonderful adventure. May God bless you in it! Our God is good!

  6. Understood and I can relate that. Lots of prayers for you and Linda as you begin another big catch (harvest). Remember (pond) fish swim in schools ….. to survive. I’m there when you need me whether just for support or for an extra pair of fins as you bring others to salvation. Nice swimming with you guys.

  7. Reed, you’ve always been such a great role model for your students, and the way you are approaching this “new phase” of your life continues that tradition. I often struggle with not feeling up to the next thing God is calling me to do, but I’m thankful that my lack of confidence in my own abilities and strength causes me to rely on God’s abilities and strength. When I put my confidence in Him I am always “able”. I just read a quote from Billy Graham on Facebook today: “The will of God will never take us where the grace of God cannot sustain us.” I trust in Him completely to sustain you as you assume your new role in the community. It seems like a natural progression, or an extension, of the ministry you began through Uptown. Will be holding you in prayer, but trusting in God to supply all that you need. Blessings!

  8. Hugs and Blessings from GA to both you and Linda!

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