Recollection & Gratitude

Summer for me is always moves at bit more leisurely pace.
This is especially true this summer. I am enjoying a time of recollection and
observation. Both our children are engaged now and my role as a parent is quite
different from what it once was. I feel that somehow despite myself that I have
succeeded at this fatherhood stuff, though I know most of the credit goes to
Linda but I did have the wisdom to marry her. They are both caring
compassionate young people who want to serve others. This was our parental goal
and through hardship and tears we made it! We know that God is good!

I have been watching God work in other people’s lives as
well. The other day I was chatting with a         neighbour, over the fence. He was
asking about one of the guys from Community 113 (the community of guys living
in unit 113 here at the National Office Complex). I spoke about how great K. was
doing. My neighbour said “When I knew him all he wanted to do was fight.”
Anyone who met K. Today would describe him as gentle and meek. K. Says it was
all God!

D. is going to be moving in to 113 soon. He is an absolute
sponge for the word of God. His prayer is that he might always be humble enough
to learn from others. He used to think of himself as unworthy of friendship and
so was withdrawn but that is all changing. We are looking forward to him
sharing at the Stone Church Neighbourhood Celebration next month. God is at

V. was plagued by all sorts of anxieties but shared,
recently, at Up Town about how God was helping her. While I was away she led
the prayer time! A few years ago she wouldn’t say “Boo.” God is good.

M. is coming up to the first anniversary of an encounter
with Jesus when he was delivered from 5 different addictions. He has held down
a steady job and is making friends with what he calls ‘regular people’, as opposed
to cons or street people. He has hope where there was none before!

The other day I had a great conversation with A. She was
taking a CPR course so she could apply for a job and get out of ‘the system’.
She was late for the first two classes and the instructor was understandably
upset. She asked for advice. When I learned that she was taking the 8 o’clock
bus I suggested she should get the 7:30 bus instead. She hadn’t thought of that
and was so grateful someone would take the time to help her figure it out. To
be on the receiving end of such gratitude was humbling, especially since I did
so little. It caused me to think how ungrateful I am in comparison for all the
great and awesome benefits which are mine through Jesus.

A time for recollection and observation proves useful but I
think I am being called forward into a time of gratitude, praise and worship.


2 comments on “Recollection & Gratitude

  1. I thank God that He brought you and me together in marriage almost 30 years ago and I certainly can`t take much credit for our kids `turning out alright`. It was a 3-way partnership, with God the Father as the only dependable One. We also had good support systems everywhere we lived, provided by God. I`ve made many mistakes over the years and our kids still have difficulties to ovecome. They do know they`re loved unconditionally and they know where to go when they need help. God is SO good.

  2. I also appreciate your comments on our UpTown folk. So many don`t have the advantages we`ve grown up with and they`ve made some bad choices. But God. . . . God has worked in them and continues to as they allow Him to and He brings glory to Himself. J has passed his exam to become a certified mechanic which is great except now he feels he needs to go to Toronto to find a job and a life partner. When he came to us he wasn`t sure about Jesus. Now he is and he`s asking for church suggestions in the big city.

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