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The Best Advice

I had a fellow from Up Town ask me for advice the other day.
This is not unusual I give advice all the time whether asked or not, but it got
me thinking “What’s the best advice you ever got?”

One time Capt. T. asked me to do some ministry related thing
(I don’t remember the specifics). When I shared that I really didn’t feel like
it he asked “what would you do if you felt like it?” After I shared my thoughts
on that question he said simply “Go, do that!” Often (I wish it was always)
when I don’t feel like doing something I hear his voice and think what would I
do if I did feel like it, then I do that.
A follow on of this was his advice when I didn’t feel like praying one
day; “Pray until you feel like it!”

My dad advised me that “Nobody can make you do what you don’t
want to do … they can only make you wish you had.” From him I learned
personal responsibility and that every action had consequences. I often wish I’d
learned that one better. He also used to tell me “It’s a rough life … but its
short” I learned from him that no one gets out of this life unscarred and that
no one gets out of this life alive. The key was to remember these pains are
coming to an end. Paul would say they don’t compare with the glory that is to
be revealed.

My mother advised me to “Be nice to people.” This may be
typical Canadian mothers’ advice but it is good solid advice nevertheless.
Preferring others is a Canadian trait which reflects a biblical injunction. I wish
I’d listened better. At an international conference several years ago I was
made an honorary Aussie because the guys Down Under thought I was not nice
enough to be a true Canadian. I still have hopes of heeding Mom’s advice more

My taciturn Father-in-law taught me “You don’t have to say
everything you know!” Solomon wrote there is a time to speak and a time to keep
silent. I have come to value that sentiment not just in others but in myself.

I want to finish off with the best advice I ever received
from Jesus. As I think about it there are hundreds of verses rushing through my
brain but the best advice I think is “Take up your cross and follow ME.”


One comment on “The Best Advice

  1. I guess it depends a little bit on contextualization. I mean financial advice, love life advice etc. I don’t mean to be difficult but mostly I am. I guess some good advice I recieved is “love your enemies.” A lot of people don’t think that applies much today because they don’t consider themselves to have very many enemies. I have noticed that people say bad things about people they don’t like a lot. Maybe they wouldn’t call that person their enemy but if they don’t like them it’s pretty close. Another good piece of advice I received is doing something is better then doing nothing. Some people just wait around for things to happen to them and complain in the process. I think it would be better to do something then change directions if things are wrong. Unless the something you are doing is waiting. I think God sometimes tells people to wait. Most of the time though they are just procrastinating.

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