Amazing New Opportunity

The idea of community has become an important one for me
over the last number of years. It was as I discovered the ‘community of the
broken” through Up Town Church that this concept gripped me. As I lay a
physically shattered person after a bad fall God showed me that my body was a
parable of my inward brokenness. It was the community of the broken who nursed
my soul to the measure of health I now enjoy, and I became sold on the idea of
community. During my time leading Taylor College this value was a paramount
one. We focussed on a discipleship rooted and nurtured in community.

This summer I witnessed afresh the power of community. Linda
and I went to visit my mother. I had not seen her for a year and as I left,
after our visit, a year ago, I wondered if that would be my last visit with my
mom. Over the course of the next year my brother helped her to move from her
own apartment building into a seniors’ community near him. This year as we
visited she looked so much better and attributes much of this improvement to
living in community.

A new opportunity has come to me to both experience and
foster community. I was offered and accepted the position of Community Chaplain
for Saint John Community Chaplaincy. Many of my friends at Up Town are also
part of this community. This community is a gathering of folks whose lives have
been impacted by the Corrections system. Over the years there has developed a
wonderful community around the rooms accessed through the Sewell St. entrance
to Stone Church.

I am very humbled by this offer and I feel it is the next
step for me. In some ways I will be swimming in a bit bigger pond. I am not
naive, I know community while so beneficial is often extremely difficult. I
realize that I have a steep learning curve. These facts must drive me to Jesus!

The beauty of this is that it allows me to stay on track
with many of my goals as Missioner with Threshold Ministries. I will continue
with Up Town and maintain a care for Community 113. I will continue to blog.
When I became Missioner the goal of becoming self supporting was set before me
with an initial financial target set. As I went about this I was wondering if
God might not be calling me to ‘Tent Making’, my problem is that after 30 +
years with Threshold Ministries I was light on marketable skills. This
opportunity allows me to contribute towards my support and at the same time
expand and potentially deepen my service. I think God must delight in answering
in this “above all we can imagine” kind of way.

I start September 1. Please pray.

<>< Reed


6 comments on “Amazing New Opportunity

  1. Congratulations Reed! Is this a community chaplaincy sponsored by the ministerial or the health care system? Regardless, what a wonderful gift God has given you in the form of mission.

  2. Awesome!! You have a wonderful gift of making “The message” simple and applicable to lives in all circumstances. Amazing God indeed. In my prayers.

  3. Wonderful news Reed. I know that God will do a great work through you in the chaplaincy program. Having been involved myself in the past, I know how there is a great need and yet openness to hearing God’s plan for their lives. Have fun juggling the hats you will be wearing. God bless!

  4. Congratulations, Reed! I miss the community at SJ Chaplaincy, as well as Up Town. Please pass on my “hello” to everyone, and may God continue to bless and guide you and you prepare assume leadership of this crucial ministry.


  5. Outstanding!

    • Reed, I just learned of your appointment today & checked out your (new to me) Blog.It really sounds like God has been working quietly yet powerfully over these months of uncertainty for the Chaplaincy & has anointed you as the wise choice for this vital ministry. Congratulations seems too slight a term. Thanking our Good Shepherd in His using you as you have ministered to the ‘community of the broken’ (the VISIBLE one, that is, since we are all a part of it, as you have so well said!) and as he will guide you in expanding this service through SJCC. I have been praying for the future of the chaplaincy and for the new chaplain since the beginning of my involvement at the beginning of of 2010, and I can say that you are a (surprising) answer to those prayers — but not so very surprising, after all, once I heard. Please be assured of my continuing prayers for you, Crystal & the ministry in the transition & for you & Linda as you begin in September! And please extend my greetings & blessings to the folks at the Chaplaincy & especially to the guys at Parrtown & Hart House, & at the Institutions.

      Under His Mercy, Fr Gerry+ (Interim SJCC Chaplain, April 1, 2010 – March 31, 2011)

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