Moving Missional

     Last Saturday I led my first “Moving Missional Workshop”. I was, generally, really pleased. The workshop is for Church leaders and begins by looking at the frustrations of leadership in a post-Christendom world. As we list them it becomes apparent that most result from the failure of the ‘attractional’ model, whereby churches seek to attract people to come. Moving Missional is all about reversing that so that we adopt a ‘go’ model.  We took a brief look at Church history to see the development of Christendom and its legacy. We see how an institutional church organised itself for this era. We examine what has caused the collapse of Christendom, particularly post-modernism and the rise of generational cultures and see how the existing institutional and attractional structures fail to meet the challenges of post-Christendom, in North America. During the last stages of the workshop we look at a simple non-hierarchical model for forming a number of small groups with a common mission. This mission might be at a local school, seniors centre, hockey arena… the sky is the limit! The groups move out, in Jesus’ name, to simply bless people. They try and be extremely permeable, allowing others of shared interest to partner with them. These partners may or may not share their faith but as we continue in joyful fellowship and are consistent in incarnating our faith, these folks may be discipled ‘along the way’ just as Jesus’ original 12 were.

     Because this was my first workshop I had way too much material and I will certainly make adjustments but the feedback was positive and I have high hopes that this might become a useful tool.

     Also, recently I started on my first real attempt at raising support for myself and ministry. For 30 years I have been living on faith ‘second hand’ as I trusted Threshold Ministries to raise my support. I have been asked to begin to change that. This year I have accepted the goal of raising $1,000/month. This is a whole new area for me and I admit to being very stretched by this!

     On a personal note I am getting frustrated with my health. After suffering with vertigo for about 5 weeks I now have a beauty of a cold. I never used to get sick like this! This is another in a long string of reminders of how frail we are as humans. As a human father I want my kids to become independent but our Heavenly Father wants me to grow more and more dependent on Him. I hope I don’t need many more physical reminders of my frailty.


2 comments on “Moving Missional

  1. Reed I appreciate hearing about your workshop and am making notes for our own church. When you are making progress for the Kingdom don’t be surprised that some discouragement is put in your path. I look with anticipation to your next post. Blessings (you have been added to our prayer list) Morris

  2. Hang in there, brother. It does get better as time goes on, and you are doing a remarkable work! That does make Satan mad, I believe, and therefore he messes with us! God will have the final word and it is ALWAYS GOOD!
    Blessings to both you and Linda and all at Uptown,

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