Party On


The group from SOS (Seminary of the Streets) had a great day yesterday. We got together early and began preparing our: stew, soda bread, and apple crisp. Late in the afternoon we transported all the food to the hall and began to set up and decorate for the party. There was lots of laughter and fun and fellowship!

A group of folks from the St. Martin’s area came and brought us some delightful and entertaining music. The meal was good and the atmosphere was great, it was a real party.

Some of the highlights were:

One of our SOS guys said this was his first time on the ‘serving’ side of an event like this. He commented on what a privilege he thought it was. Another commented that he realised he was “saved to serve.” He beamed with pride because as far as he knew this was an original thought.

M. took the microphone to share with people how God had changed his life. He said that while he was often alone now that he was never lonely. That God had released him from a prison in his own mind.

T. shared how God had extracted her from a life of addictions which she had supported in ways which demeaned her. She talked about her reconciliation with God and with her family. Her sister was there and broke down weeping with gratitude to God and pride in her sister. Early in our course T. Was adamant that she would not share about this dark past even in our group but God released her from shame and fear and she boldly proclaimed him!

It is one thing for folks to hear from me because I’m paid to be good but these folks, who had shared the same streets, are good for nothing! Their stories had visible impacts on the guests.

One guest S. Is known for being involved in some dark occult practices but she came and seemed to have a fun evening!

I was very proud of our SOS graduates and we are all looking forward to another term next fall! In the meantime I am hoping to offer a 5 week course on the topic of ‘Common Recovery Solutions” which I am hoping will help people to better understand and work the 12 Steps, in order to find true recovery through Jesus.

On a personal note; I have been battling vertigo for the past four weeks and I have been symptom free for nearly 2 days. I am hopeful that this chapter is over.


2 comments on “Party On

  1. That’s great. It sounds like that was a really powerful evening.


  2. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. Amazing testimonies Reed. We will pray for your continued healing. Blessings

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