I love it when a plan comes together

Hannibal of the ‘A Team’ used to say “I love it when a plan comes together!” That is how I am feeling about SOS (Seminary of the Streets). I didn’t know who would come and many that I thought might come didn’t but we have had a blast. For the past couple of weeks we have been talking about 3 story evangelism; listening really carefully to our friend’s story, sharing our story of how Jesus has touched our lives and telling the story of God’s love through Jesus. The first weeks we learned about listening with care and recently we have been learning to tell our story in ways that suit the context of the situation. It turns out people are getting it! Mike did brilliantly as he came with me to Penfield last Sunday and at the pot luck afterward he continued to take opportunity to share. Keith was sharing bits of his story with a friend at a weekly outreach dinner (Out Flow) and he was encouraged to share it with everyone. He spoke to nearly 200 people. Chris is excited to share his story at Cambridge Narrows in a little over a week. The whole gathering was enthused to share the great Good News!

I made some invitations to our St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Party and they were snatched up by people eager to invite their friends. Our SOS class will decorate cook entertain and clean. We will do the entire event. We are also looking for more opportunities to build our 3 story evangelism that night.

I am slowly getting adjusted to my new role as Missioner. I am getting some local opportunities to preach but I’ll be looking to increase those. I haven’t yet had much interest expressed in the workshop “Moving Missional” http://www.thresholdministries.ca/resources.html but I hope that things develop in this way.

As we move further into March many of us are waiting impatiently for spring. Some are even counting the days. We are tired of winter  and the cold and the snow! I wish I was as impatient with the injustice, war  and all the various ‘isms’ which plague this fallen world. Sure I await Jesus return to put it right but I want to be found by Him doing my small bit. People talk about the weather but we don’t do anything about. We should both talk about injustice and do something about it! That’s my $0.02.


3 comments on “I love it when a plan comes together

  1. I always find something that peaks my interest when I read your weekly blog. The 3 story evangelism is great!!
    God Bless

  2. Sounds like quite a party! Hope I`m invited. And spring is coming. I saw some fresh grass and bulbs growing today – in the library, not outdoors, but still . . . We do need to pray and be open to what God wants us to do about all the evil around us daily.

  3. Am so pleased that things are progressing so positively. Sounds like the Holy Spirit is truly moving in a powerful way in your midst! God is so good~
    Blessings and Love to all!

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