Making it right

I hope you like the new format. I think it makes things more readable. The photo at the top is of a tree on Deer Island by our camp fire site. As I have been reading about stability I thought a tree by the water was a good icon for this blog. I’m not sure but it might have been the tree the kite almost was snagged in when I had my jaw shattering fall a few years ago.

SOS is going very well. We have been learning “What is the Gospel? And How Can I share it?” as I wrote before we are planning a St. Patrick’s Day party as our graduation event. I have a venue booked. We were hoping to get some catering help but this has proved a challenge on a Thursday evening but that difficulty has become a great opportunity! We have decided to cater this ourselves. We are going to be making  Irish stew and some clover shaped Irish soda bread. Dessert will no doubt be something green. We have a nice distribution of talent on our team: an administrator, a couple of cooks, a cleaning specialist and a variety of willing hands. It will be a ‘body’ ministry. We decided that we would invite 60 people to supper and a party that night. Each of us will be praying as to who we should invite. We will be praying for those people and looking expectantly for God to work in our midst. Our key Bible verse is “But set apart Christ as Lord, in your hearts, and always be prepared to give a reason for the hope that lies within you; but do so with gentleness and respect.” 1 Peter 3:15

This Sunday is my first venture out to a local church in my role as Missioner with Threshold Ministries. My good friend Keith has invited me to speak to his congregation in Penfield. Another good friend, Mike from Up Town, is coming along to share his story. God has Mike on His fast-track to discipleship. It is amazing to see the tremendous changes in Mike’s life.

My inner ear infection is slowly clearing and I don’t miss the long spells of vertigo. I comforted myself with the doctor’s assurances that this would pass. I want to be like my doctor and be someone who gives assurance that these current troubles will indeed pass. My father used to console me with these words “It’s a rough life; but it’s short!” Our hope is that God is making things right and the meaning in our life is found in joining Him in this great venture. A disoriented world is waiting; outside your door!


2 comments on “Making it right

  1. Really glad about Pennfield, the grad and more! Full of life!

  2. Full marks for the new format, too, Reed. Much easier to read Reed these days!

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