Stability and Dizziness

I’ve been reading “The Wisdom of Stability’ by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove. In it he reminds us of the biblical image of the tree planted by the water image of Psalm 1. He posits that in our hyper-mobile culture we have become a rootless people and that we cannot over spiritualise this image and say “It is only about my personal relationship with God.” But that rootedness is a requirement for our entire walk. This may not mean we never move but it does mean that our default might be best set to stay in place and to move only under direction.

As I’ve been trying to make sense of this for my own life I recognize that I have found this true in two ways. First I realised how committed I am to Threshold Ministries. As I have been reading about what is called “New Monasticism” I am finding that Threshold is just such a community. Thirty years ago I made some vows which remain very important to me. I have been nurtured in the stability of belonging to this community of Evangelists. I have also learned the value of stability as the folks of Up Town allow me to walk with them. We love each other. This is not a job it is a God thing! Now, the course of neither commitment is easy or smooth. We have our moments of highs and walk the veil of tears like all of fallen humanity, but I am determined that I belong and here is the place for my roots to sink deep.

I was listening to a sermon the other day and the preacher averred that all sin is about relationships. When we sin we either harm our relationship with God or with others. His great commandment is to love Him and love others so this seems natural! Wilson- Hartgrove writes “To climb closer to God is not to move away from our troubled and troubling neighbours, but closer to them. “

I hope the above makes sense to you. As I write it I am suffering vertigo from a viral inner ear infection and my thinking may not be as clear as at other times but who knows that might be an advantage.

Take care.

<>< Reed


3 comments on “Stability and Dizziness

  1. I enjoy reading your blogs and I’m influenced by the content. As we prepare to go south next Sunday, 27th, so we pray that we will be ambasadors for Christ to the congregation of Immanuel Anglican in Destin.
    We pray as well that your ear infection will be resolved and you will be back to your old self.
    Miss your counsel and presence, in Christ Jesus.

  2. Yes, I too am pulled by “rootedness”, belonging and loyalty. I am reading Bill Hybels’ “Just Walk Across the Room” and see in order to do that walk we do have to have our roots firmly planted to have the life force reach the end of our branches and bear fruit. Wonderful imagery.

    The cross for me is a sign of righteousness -” Right relationship with God( vertical) and a just and right relationship with others (horizontal)” Sin would destroy those relationships. Thanks again. I like it.

  3. It’s a joy to read this, my friend. Thank you.

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