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SOS to St. Benedict

Last night was our first SOS. I didn’t know how many to expect . We had eight including me. It was a really good start. We are focussing on the questions “What is the faith?”,and “How can I share it?” We had a group of ‘keeners’ so that makes it easier.

We will be planning for a St. Patrick’s Day Party and inviting friends. I hope that we can also take ‘Rocket Man’ which is an insulated back pack that holds three gallons (I don’t know how many litres) of hot liquid. The liquid is under pressure so it can easily be dispensed through the hose attached. We will perhaps find occasion to walk the neighbourhood giving out coffee or hot chocolate and perhaps some sandwiches.

I already have a couple of speaking engagements lined up and I’ll be taking friends from Up Town to help  in the ministry.

The workshop “Moving Missional” is all ready. Here is the link http://www.thresholdministries.ca/resources.html My hope is that it can be used to encourage church leaders to find practical ways to be incarnational in ministry in their own local contexts.

To bring readers up to date; Linda’s arm is feeling much better. The pain has finally subsided and we are quite hopeful as we look toward her appointment with the specialist in two weeks.

I am reading two books lately “The Wisdom of Stability” by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove. I am really enjoying it and will write more another week about it. I am also reading “The Holy Rule of St. Benedict”. As a I seek to foster ‘community’ here at 113 I think I can learn a lot from Benedict. Several years ago if someone had suggested to me that I would value this kind of reading I would have mocked them! Growth? I hope so.


One comment on “SOS to St. Benedict

  1. I enjoy hearing what you are up to these days.

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