SOS & Hope

So in February I start SOS (Seminary of the Streets). I’ll do six weeks then and then another 6 weeks in September. The idea is to provide accessible equipping to men and women who live and move and have their being at street level. I also want to use this course to help those who have ‘a heart for street level ministry’, to gain some experience and training in this particular context. The first six week unit will be “What is the Faith? And how can I share it?” I hope we can have some lively discussion about what the Good News is to those on the Streets of Saint John. We will be sharing how each of us came to faith and look for common threads. We will learn ‘3 Story Evangelism’, how our story, our friends story and the Gospel story intersect. For those in the area SOS will take place Thursday nights from 7 – 8:30 at Stone Church Hall on Carleton St. It will begin February 10th and run through March 17th. We may do a St. Patrick’s Day outreach (Saint John is the most Irish city in Canada!). I have been rereading Robert Coleman’s classic “Master Plan of Evangelism” and am reminded that it will be through proximity more than curriculum that people will be influenced in SOS. I am purposely keeping academic content to minimum in favour of hanging out with folks and following the ‘rabbit trails’ in our conversations but I am also aware that any learning no matter how it is obtained needs practical application. So St. Paddy will probably not be our sole practical experience. Over the next couple of weeks I have to round up a class. I must go into the highways and byways. My experience is that folks from the street often do not recognize their own giftedness. I may have to arm wrestle a few into the course! The course is absolutely free which makes people suspicious, but persistence may overcome this hesitation. Several pastors in the area have agreed to pray for this effort so I am hopeful. I have come to believe that hopefulness is vital! The world may try to kick the hopefulness from us but it is our task to hang on to it. I was listening to some Old Spirituals from the South and was heartened to see the unshakable hopefulness expressed by those who wrote and sang them while in chains. I confess I was getting a bit down but these saints prodded me out of my lethargy. I have purposed in my heart to hope in Him! As Martha Stewart might say “That’s a good thing.”


7 comments on “SOS & Hope

  1. Very cool! Could be more Church Army than Wilson Carlile. Just saying…

  2. Woo Hoo!! Sounds wonderful to me. Just wish Jim & I were closer and able to participate~~ Hugs to all! Know it will be a great success~

  3. Will keep this in prayer, Reed, and you too.

  4. Exciting stuff. Would 10 be a good number to pray into the program.

  5. I am researching the Reed family of Townsend MA. Wonder if your grandfather was Paul Reed Fleming? Alice Struthers

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