Change is in the air

Well change, as well as snow is in the air. I am stepping back from my leadership position with Taylor College.

I am assuming a new role as Missioner with Threshold Ministries. I remain in Saint John; in fact I don’t even have to move from my office. The title missioner is not a new one for us at Threshold but I hope to bring a definite 21st Century understanding of ‘mission’ to this ministry. Missioners in the past were primarily itinerant preachers modeling themselves after Dwight Moody or Billy Graham. Though, I intend to do some speaking. The goal will be to encourage the local church to become a missional force in its own context. I hope to be taking some of my friends from Up Town on these engagements, in order that they can teach us, via their stories, about God’s call to mission.

I will be seeking partners inside and outside Threshold Ministries, to see other mission based churches planted across Canada.

Over the last several months a community has developed in one of our residences, 113. In the next year I plan to work more closely with this group, which I now call Community 113. We already have a Bible study time and meet daily for prayer (Monday – Friday) but in the coming months we will be exploring: an Over Comers Group, developing our own mission projects, and developing some life skills. I am praying about how this community might become a model for the creation of other missional communities.

I have developed a prototype for a workshop entitled “Moving Missional” which offers local churches an opportunity to examine their particular context and to make a concrete plan to become more missional and perhaps less institutional.

I will, of course continue to blog. I have been blessed with approximately 5,000 readers. It is my hope to continue to use this as a venue for my calling as Missioner, and I will keep my readers informed as to how things develop.

When classes begin again at Taylor College, I will be available to teach in my particular areas of expertise.

While all the above excites me tremendously, like all transitions, there is some sadness at leaving behind my place at Taylor College. I am so grateful for all the students and staff who have touched my life. They will continue in my prayers.

As I said snow is in the air as well as change, so I better get my boots on and look for my shovel.

<>< Reed


7 comments on “Change is in the air

  1. That is exiting news Reed, I too will pray for this change . Being a missioner is probably what you were already doing at times just will be in a different setting. When I hear the word Reed I think of mission or when I hear the word mission , I think of Reed. May God bless your endevours and pray all will bring glory to God.

  2. Good for you, Reed. Who’s going to fill your leadership shoes at Taylor?

  3. Congratulations Reed. A brave move that feels right; that feels like the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  4. Awesome news Reed! I’ll be praying for a great moving of God’s Spirit in and through this new emphasis of your work for Him!

  5. Bless you as you take up this exciting new role and challenge – and know that God surely goes before you.

  6. How wonderful!!!!!!!! You have such a heart and passion for that. You are so good at that. “Aslan is on the move.” Reggie McNeal has planted seeds so come on down!!!!!! (or up)
    May God bless this new direction for you.

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