Last week I meant to relate about our Up Town Christmas Day Breakfast. Venus approached me with the idea of hosting a breakfast Christmas morning for the folks in our neighbourhood. She was willing to organize it all… and she did. We served aproximately 70 people and everyone left with gifts. Some beautiful youngsters reverently served each guest just as if they were serving Jesus himself! The room was filled with music and laughter. We played “The Father’s Love Letter” which reminded us of the great gift of the incarnate Son. It was the best Christmas ever!

On a completely different note; I have been wrestling with the idea of entering a writing contest. The topic is “The Power of Words”. Below please read my proposed contribution. I am asking for honest feedback. Should I save myself the entrance fee?

“Sticks and stones….” they say

I’d like to chat with them.

Words have power.

Power to kill that bullets lack

To maim and hurt

Festering aged wounds ache on.

Words have an awful power to harm.

But what of words’ power for good?

To heal?

To help?

To renew?

Alone these words are rubber

Bouncing back with no effect.

Unaccompanied words lack brawn.

But words of love and encouragement

Bound by integrity and acts of selfless sacrifice

Lift and soothe

And point toward Him whose stripes bring health

No longer powerless these words enfleshed

In acts of care unleash a force

Beyond what we can ask or think.


17 comments on “

  1. Another winner Reed! Words of Love and encouragement that point to Jesus, will never fail.

  2. Go for it, Reed!!

  3. It is well written, both elegant and powerful.

  4. Beautiful, Reed.

  5. Glad you’re still waxing poetic. You have a real talent with words. Linda

  6. A-one Reed.Go for it.

  7. It never hurts to submit. You have a good concept and thought line. It may impact someone judging.

  8. I would read it and that’s saying something!!! haha

    So go for it!!!

  9. I say go for it. i really enjoy reading your blogs you have something to say and you say it well.
    Clara F

  10. Hi Reed
    As usual i am a little late with my comment but wow your title sticks and stones really jumped off the page for me butttt you know what i need to talk to you about that i am going to use the old fashioned right now .


  11. Reed, I really like it.

  12. Reed I found it very moving . Hope you win

  13. Powerful and touching!

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