A Couple of Ideas

It may not surprise you that I am reading a new book describing what it means to radically follow a radical Jesus. In it the author describes a trip he made to visit a secret Church in China. The believers there drifted in one by one into a home, so as not to draw government attention. They asked him as the itinerant preacher to teach them the Old Testament. For the next 6 hours they sat as he explained the message of scripture. At the end they asked him to return the next day. This scene repeated itself time and again until finally the teacher had to move on.

I was struck by how far our persecuted brothers and sisters attitude is from the attitude prevalent in the West. Here consumerism has a grip even on the church. The seats are comfortable. We get our sermons in bite sized comfortable chunks. The times are convenient. We seek teachers who entertain us. How different we are!

All this led me to a fresh idea. I thought how great it would be if once a month we could meet in what I call “Hidden Church”. In solidarity with the vast majority of Christians around the world we would gather with few creature comforts (dry and warm) to hear the Bible taught for three hours. There would be no music to set the mood. The goal would be to come hungry and leave fed. Like many of my ideas I do not know how to implement this idea, other than to just begin. This March I hope to see the first “Hidden Church” meeting take place here in Saint John. If anyone else is caught with this idea let me know and we can push this forward together.

We are expanding our Up Town Christmas ministry this year. I had a call from a family that wanted to organize an hot breakfast Christmas morning. So that is what we are going to do. We will incorporate some music and sharing. I know many of our friends are not morning people but we’ll see what happens. But even if it is for a few, we want to be obedient.

Having ideas is one thing but having Kingdom ideas and working in fellowship to implement them, that is abundant life!


2 comments on “A Couple of Ideas

  1. Dear Reed. I think this is a great idea. I immediately thought of Ezra in Nehemiah 8:1-12. People hungered to hear the Word of God. I will keep this idea in mind as we go into the New Year. Bless you for being open to the Holy Spirit. Morris

  2. Great idea. I saw that same hunger and secrecy in BD . It might be a great follow up to our ‘Shack party” Get to “know God” through his word.
    Warm and dry is good.
    (I like these snowflakes ( blessings) falling from above )

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