Doors close… doors open

Besides moaning that I have no students, I’ve been discovering a lot of new things. It is good to feel okay reading and researching during work hours (this is what I do for fun!). I am also involved an assortment of fresh activities.

This year we have one of our houses designated for guy’s who for various reasons needed housing. Three of the guys are friends we made through our times in the inner-city. Each week day they join us for morning devotions and we started a Monday night study group in their home. We are doing a course “See Thru the Scriptures”. The conversations are lively and our group has already stated to grow. These guys enrich our lives at the college, and that is not even counting the cleaning they have volunteered for on several occasions.

A good friend, Ed Coleman, and I have started a small business “Simple Gifts”. Ed is teaching several people from the inner-city how to paint lighthouse scenes on beach rocks. The teaching time is practical training for painting but also includes scripture, meditation and music. We plan to sell these rocks at a variety of venues in the future. We will be using our simple gifts to create simple gifts for others. We will keep the price below $10. For anyone in the Saint John area you can stop by the college and see them. I planned to include a picture of them in this blog but forgot my camera today. Our theme song is “Tis a Gift to be Simple”.  

In preparation for next year I have been reading a book “Getting Things Done” which is about project management. I realise the value in the material but would feel like such a hypocrite teaching it right now. I decided I have two choices. 1) learn and put into practise the material before next year. 2) Find someone else to teach it.

I am actively on the lookout for just such a teacher. Do you know of anyone?


3 comments on “Doors close… doors open

  1. Hi Reed:
    I too am a follower of GTD Getting Things Done. It has been among the most helpful productivity tools I have ever used. I wish I could teach it for you but I am a user not really a teacher. I have been on board for about three years now. One of the biggest realizations for me has been that I can be more productive by thinking about my work on the front end and then just motor through alot of next actions when I am in that mode. I am also very low tech and use a paper calendar for all my appointments. Learning how to process my inbox has been very helpful and the 2 minute rule which i extend to the 4 minute rule has helped me to clear up items much faster and not have them hanging around. I could go on, but really just want to encourage you to put the whole process into action. It really is a great stress reducer for me.

  2. Oh, if we could always just keep things “simple”~ Good going!! All about doing work after the Jesus model, and you folks do it well!
    Let me read the text and get through all that I have on my plate right now…and just maybe?

  3. No I don’t know an expert, but I could sure benefit from the course!

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