Musings from the shadows…

I realize as I look over my last number of blog entries that I haven’t been saying much about Taylor College lately. I want to correct that somewhat. What lies before us as a college is an enormous opportunity, an opportunity to set a new and exciting course while carrying forward all that is so wonderful about our history with the Church Army and recently with Threshold Ministries. We will not have any students in our college building next fall. We had several serious applications but each has fallen through.  I will not sugar coat this, it has felt like death to me! I believe that we have a wonderful thing here at Taylor and our graduates testify to this but still we have no students in our buildings this year! I admit to being in a bit of a funk about this development.

One of my favourite quotes is from A Tale of Two Cities “It was the best of times it was the worst of times.” It captures for me what it means to be about the excitement of Kingdom business while still inhabiting this decaying world. All around is death and we have the opportunity to be the aroma of abundant life.  In the midst of my non-tropical depression I know that God’s Spirit leads and prospects for higher service lurk in the shadows.

We have for sometime been realising, as a community of evangelists, that God is directing us to more and more entrepreneurial Kingdom enterprises. This ‘down’ time gives us the opportunity to research and re-tool so that Taylor can be a place of formation for those called to new and creative ways of doing evangelism and raising support for evangelistic ministries.

For years Street Hope has been a significant vehicle for this creative outreach but the future calls us to expand into other forms of Church Planting and the creation of businesses which will employ people in our communities, provide opportunity to live out and share the Gospel and financially support the work of the wider Threshold Ministries. To do this Taylor will need to change! Over the months ahead I will be exploring the world of ‘business as mission’ or ‘social entrepreneurship ‘ or ‘transforming capitalism’, with a view to how we can position Taylor College to be a place for equipping leaders for this 21st Century style of mission.

We dare not throw the baby out with the bath water! We must retain our strong Bible centred teaching and emphasis on relationship as the vehicle for all our mission. This will create a tension for us as we lurch ahead but hopefully it will be a creative tension which will take us to ever greater usefulness.

Please keep us in your prayers and if you have books or places or people you recommend as resources to help us in our thinking please let me know. If  you think I’m way off base please let me know that as well.


2 comments on “Musings from the shadows…

  1. Sounds like new life ahead Reed! Who was it said that “when we come to the end of ourselves God is just beginning” ? I may have heard it from Ray Taylor himself!
    Anyway the staff will be in my thoughts and prayers as you follow His promptings. please post any developments, its exciting to see where God may be taking the ‘old church army!’

  2. Hi Reed,

    If Taylor College has space, would an inclusive transitional shelter be an option? A group I’m calling ‘the church gathering’, which has church leaders from Saint John gather to discuss the church’s role in meeting the needs of Saint John’s marginalized has been discussing an out the cold program. The Grace may provide space, and the Salvation Army’s Jack Frost mobile transportation. All churches will need to supply volunteers. If Taylor College is better equipped and underutilized perhaps it would be a better space???? I pray that this winter I do not find myself in the position of not having ANYWHERE to send a homeless individual/family.

    Peace & Grace,

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