The Next Project

You're not in Up Town anymore Toto



It is time to begin planning for our annual “Up Town Vacation” to Deer Island. Each year a philanthropist friend underwrites all the expenses of a trip out of the gritty inner-city to the beautiful setting of Deer Island.

We look forward to this all year! It is an escape, sure, but it is also a foretaste of heaven for us. All of our physical needs are more than taken care of and we spend the time just being with and caring for one another.

The picture above is from our camp fire site. You see many sights in Up Town but never anything like that! On our first trip one of our friends said as we were about 30 minutes out of town, “I’ve never been this far from home, in my life.” Another friend who is estranged from his daughter invited her to come. For the past two years they have had real healing times on the island and she is looking forward to coming again.

People who know me know that it was on our first trip to Deer Island that I had a fall which nearly took but certainly changed my life! I think that my jaw and my life are a parable for the change we all experience on Deer Island.

We have a saying at Up Town “It’s not rocket-surgery!” There is nothing complicated about this. It is as simple as having and building wholesome relationships. We look forward to doing this again August 10 – 13.


3 comments on “The Next Project

  1. It is truly a wonderful God experience in God’s enviornment.

  2. Taste and See that the Lord is Good!!

  3. Hi Reed: I think what you are doing is so great and so much like what I feel Jesus wants us to live reaching out. May God continue to bless you and family as He knows your needs and especially keep you safe so you don’t fall again. Take care.

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