‘Jesus is Lord!”

This has been a bit of a whirlwind week or so. The students and I got back from our mission in Paradise Nova Scotia, we had Graduation and Commissioning and then I took off for the Prairies where I am speaking at a Deeper Life Conference at a Mennonite Church.

I feel a little like I am taking coals to Newcastle because my journey over the last few years has made me a new comer to concepts long held by my Mennonite friends. I have grown to have a real unease with allegiance to ‘the empires’ of this world and the values of the dominant culture. I have come to firmly believe that Christianity demands of us a radical allegiance to the Kingdom of our God.

In this adventure I think of as an escape from churchianity I have arrived at the conclusion that to say “Jesus is Lord” is much easier than living it. To truly identify with Jesus and His Kingdom I must be dedicated to doing what He did. It is a call to be like him. Now I know we don’t need another Saviour, that position is filled, but following Him must entail imitating him. So what did He do? He proclaimed the Kingdom. He spent time with the poor. He relieved suffering. He suffered. He spoke prophetically to those in authority. He was reviled and reviled not. He loved! Now He did much more, in fact John says we couldn’t begin to compile an exhaustive list but this is a good start. So these are the things that my life ought to be about if I am really imitating Jesus.

Oh how I need his mercy! How far short I fall! But I cannot simply resign myself to a life of failure to follow! By His grace I will be like Jesus. This is my prayer. This is my determination.

I used to say ‘Jesus is Lord’ in my morning prayers and then ask Him to follow me through my day. (Sadly I don’t think I am atypical.) Now I say ‘Jesus is Lord’ and I ask grace that I might follow Him through the day. Scripture tells us “My sheep know my voice.” I want to earnestly listen for that voice so that I might be like Jesus.

He said “I do only what the Father tells me.” And “As the Father sent me so I send you” I invite you to join me in a commitment to a renewed imitation of Jesus. Only then will we be able to say with integrity ‘Jesus is my Lord’.


5 comments on “‘Jesus is Lord!”

  1. Yes, the Anabaptists got a lot of things right, didn’t they? Have you discovered John Howard Yoder yet?

    Tom Wright says that Romans 1:1-4 means that ‘Jesus is Lord’is the gospel – i.e. ‘Jesus is Lord and Caesar is not, and that’s good news!’

  2. Your right Tim. I have not read much Yoder but lots of the writers I have been reading quote him frequently. I’ll have to get some Yoder as summer reading. Thanks

  3. If you check back to the 2007 archive on my blog, during the months of May, June and July you’ll find some book reviews of some Yoder books. ‘The Politics of Jesus’ is the best-known, but a collection of essays (most of Yoder’s books were collections of essays!) called ‘The Royal Priesthood’ is my favourite.

  4. Reed, as someone who has known you for over 30yrs, there is more than enough evidence to convict you of being someone who simply wants to stay close to Christ. All to His glory. In other words, your daily prayer is being answered.
    Many thanks for stirring us up and spurring us forward.

  5. Oh how I need his mercy! How far short I fall! But I cannot simply resign myself to a life of failure to follow! By His grace I will be like Jesus. This is my prayer. This is my determination. I like this wagon I think I’ll get on too!!

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