On the Threshold of Change


I am often amazed at how difficult people find change. I have come to realize that I am the odd duck who thrives on change. Over the last 30 years I have seen a lot of change; some of it in the mirror but more in the world around us. When I first started in ministry Al Gore had not yet invented the internet! Communicating the Good News was much easier because everyone shared the same ‘world view’ . The reality now is much different and we have had to adapt as we recognize that communicating the Gospel is always a cross-cultural event. This transition from proclamation alone to a proclamation rooted in incarnation has been the most exciting journey of my life. It has required of me a fresh understanding of my calling and a renewed appreciation of the life and ministry of Jesus. It has made me a student, once again, of the Red Letters. It has made me a passionate student of others so that I can establish authentic ways of communicating timeless truth in ways that can be heard and gladly received. This change has been a blast for me! I often do not know exactly what I am doing and it is always messy but for me at least this is part of the abundant life that is a part of God’s economy.

One thing has become emblematic of this, the change of name from Church Army to Threshold Ministries. Many are finding this personally difficult and I understand that but this change is not primarily for us it is for those who have yet to hear of Jesus’ amazing love! This after all is our ‘raison d’être’ .  It will likely be a challenge for me to substitute ‘Threshold’ for ‘Church Army’ but if doing so wins a hearing for the Good News, it will be well worth it.

Fossils have scientific value because they never change. We are much more likely to have Kingdom value as we remain open to Holy Spirit possibilities, which will no doubt lead us into change and further blessing. To all this I say “Father, bring it on!”


2 comments on “On the Threshold of Change

  1. Thumbs Up Reed!! Personally, I am thrilled that your organization has stepped up to make the name change. As you mentioned, our world view has exploded in the last little while. There are so few barriers to reaching around the world now and cultures that we are new to, need us to communicate clearly. Words and names that are familiar and comfortable to us can sometimes be offensive to other cultures. As a result, we don’t even get a first chance to share because we’ve already put people on the defensive with a provocative title.

  2. Hey Reed! I too seem to thrive on change. And I too am excited by what I am learning and have been experiencing regarding incarnational mission and evangelism. It is riskier and takes a much greater investment in the lives of people to position ourselves where thy are rather than trying to attract them by being seeker friendly, but the rewards are far greater too. I like what you said about being open to the Spirit. We must be ready for change or we might become fossilized. As Jesus said in John 3, The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.

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