A hard week

This has been a hard week! Several weeks ago I told a bit of Carolyn’s journey with us. I first met her via an online course on the Book of Romans. She turned in an essay which I thought was less than her best. I sent it back saying I could give it a pass but if she wanted a better mark she should re-write it. I didn’t realise at the time that she was a very sick woman going through chemo . She typed a new essay from her sick bed and did get a much better mark! It was only later that I learned that I had commanded a re-write from a critically ill woman!

When Carolyn arrived to begin her first term she was still very sick. She had lost her hair in treatment and could barely walk. Students here shaved their heads in solidarity and our journey as a community of love began in earnest.

Through the past two years Carolyn has continued to battle cancer. Before she was to start her summer placement she was again bed ridden but she arose to have a dynamic summer that the folks in King’s Cove NL will not forget.

Over the Christmas break she was again very ill and it was only in after fervent prayer that she was able to rejoin her family here at Taylor. With her arrival we celebrated one more miracle among the assortment of miracles which trailed Carolyn’s life these last few years. But these last weeks have shaken us. Cancer has returned with a vengeance and there appears to be no more miracles for Carolyn.

Yesterday, we all gathered in her apartment for one last time and Bruce Smith gave her a certificate recognising that God had long ago commissioned Carolyn to be an Evangelist. It was a grand graduation full of tears and laughter!

Today we waved goodbye as Carolyn and her husband Charlie left us to return to Newfoundland for what are likely her last days.” We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; …. struck down, but not destroyed.” (2Cor.4:8-9)

It has been a hard week and we know God is good. If you can remember :Carolyn , Charlie, her mom, children and grandchildren in your prayers I would be grateful and if you could remember a hurting Taylor College community that would be good as well.


7 comments on “A hard week

  1. Reed, I will certainly be holding up Carolyn and her family as well as the Taylor College community. I had the chance to interact with Carolyn on a few of my visits out to the college, and she is a lovely woman.

  2. Holding Carolyn and everyone who loves her in prayer.

  3. Weeping with you as I write this, Reed, and my prayers go out to all of you and to Carolyn and her family.

  4. Thinking of you guys. God bless you Carolyn, you were able touch our lives. Love Jonathan.

  5. May God bless all of you as you have journeyed with Carolyn on a very difficult road. May His Promises carry her and those she loves through the days to follow.
    Peace in Him who reigns…

  6. I met Carolyn only the one time at Up-Town. Her strength through Jesus is an inspiration to me.

  7. My name is Tom Boone, Carolyn’s Son. Thank you Reed for your kind words about my mother. I cannot put into words the effect that you and the people of Taylor College have had on mom. You gave her strength to carry on during times when it was easy to give up. You’ve given her the opportunity to achieve what she was called to do. Thanks to you and the people of the College, she will continue to spread the word of the Lord forever.

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