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Thoughts from rainy BC

As I write, I have the great joy of being with our Church Army community in BC. This group like all of our others is made up of tremendous people, who spend their lives in mission to the least the last and the lost. It is a privilege to be associated with them. Before our regional conference began, we joined a meeting at a local addictions recovery home. It was humbling to meet these guys who are working so hard to turn their lives around. They are finding hope where there had been only aloneness and despair.

To witness Jesus touching and transforming lives was a tremendous experience. I am so pleased to be able to call: Dave, Randy, and Alistair colleagues in the Church Army. Watching them and their ministries makes me determined to continue to equip others for these kinds of vital services.

Please pray for Taylor College that next fall our residences will be filled with students who share this same passion to see people’s lives transformed and Jesus glorified. The fields are white unto harvest pray the Lord of the Harvest might send workers. The need remains great but the workers are few.

If you know of someone who might benefit by our training please simply sit down with them and play the video from our web site www.taylorcollege.ca If they want a further conversation have them get in touch with me at reed.fleming@taylorcollege.ca or toll free at 1 866 693 8975 ext.225. There is a great need. We have a great college. It seems like a perfect fit!


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