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Definitely another hero

Debora Kantor comes to us from a very interesting background. She has known a lot of tragedy in her life, and she has experienced the amazing comfort which comes from God alone. To say she is resilient is an understatement!  She has had a varied career coming to us from working with ‘early childhood intervention’. She had been on a journey of spiritual formation and felt called to leave the safety net of her job and seek God’s future for herself. Leaving safety nets has become a theme in her life. During her first year, despite her aversion to the name’ Church Army’, she felt a call to ministry with us. This past summer she went to Bangladesh, for her summer placement. The original plan was for her to go to Pakistan but the political situation there prevented this.

This fall Deb has thrown herself into a ministry to young people in Saint John’s South End. She and another student, Rachel, have been instrumental in starting an “Open Mic” night at Germain Street Baptist where they also work to put on a pancake lunch each Friday for local high school students.

Debora does everything at 100% effort and demonstrates a level of commitment which commands admiration. She is truly comforting others with the comfort she herself has received. Definitely another hero!


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