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Exams are over

For those who do not have to mark exams, this is the best of times at Taylor College. This is a place where people love learning but are not as keen on exams. The heady feeling of having another set of exams in the past, fills the air like visions of sugar plums. It is a great time and in the days immediately following exams we like to remind ourselves of what is truly important “Others!”

Though we had two days set apart to serve others, we wound up having so much fun ourselves that we discovered anew that service is not really sacrafice in God’s economy. Yesterday the college building was filled with many things: wafting aromas of much cooking, eclectic collections of offbeat carrolls, the usual gales of laughter, and the presence of friends. Some of these friends we have had for a long time; volunteers who have helped us in countless ways, others were our newer friends from the South End. We ate a feast and shared the joy of a community Christmas event.

 In the end students and friends new and old, had an experience of something deeper than community as usually experienced, we had a community celebrating, working, and worshipping together. In fact by the end of the evening one of our new friends, wanting what he had seen in others, asked Jesus to be his Lord and Saviour! PTL

I did something to my back so I am not with the students today as they serve at the church just down the hill from us. They are helping prepare for a young couple’s wedding. They are helping set up for a free community meal and helping prepare for a night of music centred around the ‘Reason for the Season’.

Tomorrow they will all be starting a well deserved break but I suspect they will return with stories of adventures in mission. I pray it will be so.


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