Discovering an Old Friend

I love to read; perhaps it comes with the name. In the last few years I have developed some new favourite authors. I love to read: Reggie McNeal, Alan Hirsch, and Michael Frost. These are men who have had a great influence on my recent thinking. Just this week it was brought to my attention that I have overlooked a treasured author right in my own back yard.

 Several years ago it was my privilege to be befriended by Charles Alexander. He came to teach at the Elkhorn Ministry Centre that Linda and I operated in Southern Manitoba. I had followed in his footsteps as Chairman of Anglican Renewal Ministries and I knew of him as a conference speaker, but over the week he spent with us I came to know him as a friend. It was during his stay with us that he became reconnected with his Church Army roots and our relationship took new depths as he became an honorary member. I knew that Charles had written books but time and distance (my excuse) intervened and I went blithely on to other authors. Just yesterday I received a package with several of Charles’ books. I began to read “There Must be Another Way: It’s Time For a New Reformation Radical Why’s and How’s”. It is a great read! And it has been under my nose this whole time.

I really value Charles unyielding allegiance to the unchanging Gospel. He like the Sons of Issachar understands the times and understands that the institutional methods of yesterday doom the Church to irrelevance. It is great to have a particularly Canadian voice address these issues. I am sorry not to have discovered this treasure earlier but I’m glad to have it now. I highly recommend it to anyone seriously concerned with orthodoxy (right teaching), orthopraxy (right practise) and orthopathy (right values). On a cold winter night (tonight) I am looking forward to curling up in bed with an old friend. Oh and my wife.

Have a really blessed Christmas.


2 comments on “Discovering an Old Friend

  1. Reed,
    I’ll certainly look up this author! Have a Blessed New Year and give all the folks at Uptown and Taylor our best for 2010!!

  2. We were reading the same book last night! Charles is a terrific communicator. His enthusiasm leaps off the pages as if to say ‘do you get it? Are you with me? Are you ready to get really serious about 21st century discipleship?’ Perfect timing for this book.

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