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The Experiment

One of the chief goals of Taylor College is to help form ‘a heart of compassion’ in our students. I believe this is best done in an urban setting among those who are poor. For this reason we experimented this last term with having classes two days a week in the South End of Saint John. On Monday and Thursday we held classes at Germain Street Baptist Church. we had our chapel time at noon and invited folks to join us. After our time of worship we would retire to the kitchen and share our lunch with our friends. Over the course of this past term we have made several great new friends!

 Unfortunately we received news that two of our vehicles are no longer road worthy so we will not have the capability of commuting after January 1st. So last Thursday was our last lunch together. But the students are planning a big Christmas dinner and open mic night and have invited all our friends to join us. The plan is to share a lot of food, share a lot of laughter, and to continue to share a lot of Jesus’ love!

Though my experiment has been sadly cut short, I am declaring it wonderfully successful. Appropriately for this time of year Wenceslas has been proved right “he who would help the poor will himself find blessing.” I think we will continue in some form to try and be a missional community and as a by product we all will experience blessing! I highly recomend this ‘missional living’.


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