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Incarnation is the Key

If I were to summarise my dismay with ‘the Constantine Curse’ it would be that the church became institutional rather than incarnational!

The way of Jesus must be incarnational. In the Gospel of John we read “the Word became flesh and pitched His tent with us” in Philippians 2 we read “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus…” Paul goes on to describe the incarnation of Christ as a servant. At this time of year we sing and celebrate the incarnation, and so we should but it is only as we emulate the incarnation that we capture what it is to be His Church, His Bride!

Incarnation means stepping out where Christ is not known and being a “Show & Tell” for Him, It means taking our faith and in obedience to Him, as Lord, making that faith demonstratable and tangible. This requires of us several things. It requires humility. It requires a patient persistent love. It requires ingenuity and most of all it requires going out! The very cool part about it is that He promises He will go with us. It is only in the Laodecian Church, the satisfied institutional church that Jesus winds up standing outside apart. If we want to know His near presence let’s follow Him out the church doors into the world He loves so much and let’s take Paul’s advice and go out with the same attitude that Jesus displays. No doubt incarnation is the key.


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