Another Hero

I first met Carolyn as she took a course on Romans, I was teaching on line. The final assignment was a paper on “Paul’s journey from Guilt to Glory”. Curiously it was not up to Carolyn’s usual standard. I wrote to her that I could give her a passing grade but if she wanted to redo it I was sure she would do better. I didn’t know then that she was doing her essay from her bed as she slowly recovered from some major surgery to remove cancer from her spine. She rewrote the paper without saying anything about it and I did give her a better mark. In the fall of 2008 Carolyn arrived at Taylor to take up fulltime studies. It was only then I learned the extent of her cancer. She came to us fresh from treatments which had left her nauseated and without hair but these challenges did not stop her fully engaging in the life of the college. It wasn’t long before many of the students had shaved their heads in solidarity with Carolyn. She knew she had found a home in the Taylor College Community. Since then cancer has again reared its ugly head and she continues chemo while studying. She is trusting God that she will live to graduate and then continue to serve God as member of the Church Army Community of Evangelists. This last summer she served in the Anglican Parish of King’s Cove. There were 6 people at her first service in July and over 106 at the final service in August. Carolyn is an inspiration to us all. It has been a difficult journey for all of us but it is glorious as well. And can she ever preach the Gospel!!!


3 comments on “Another Hero

  1. Reed.. thanks so much for posting stories like this. It helps me feel like I’m still in touch with the College. It sounds like there are so many great things happening there under your leadership.. makes me want to go back.. but.. then I snap out of it.. will be taking Re:membering the Forgotten Ways though.. which reminds me.. I need to sign up asap.

  2. As one of Carolyn’s fellow students, I am constantly being inspired by her determination to follow the call the Lord has placed on her life. She is both an encouragement and an example for all the students at Taylor. And man can she preach. Preach on sister! Preach on!

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