Laughter & the Missional Community

Gales of laughter filled the building. The students were at it again! Having fun! This has become a trademark of our missionary enterprise here at Taylor.

     We have been trying very hard to intentionally be a ‘missional community’. We have discovered that the only really sustainable community is one that has a mission. As a part of this we have moved our classes to the South End of Saint John two days a week. We hold classes in an old Baptist Church on Mondays and Thursdays. We have our corporate worship time at noon and literally throw the doors open to anyone in the neighbourhood to join us for that time and to stay and share lunch with us. Folks have started to come and we have formed wonderful relationships with a good number of people. The lunch is a modest sandwich and fruit one but the friendships have become deep.

    We are in the process of planning a Christmas gathering that will include our new friends. We know they will be inundated with turkey dinners at this time of year so we are planning something a little out of the ordinary (though despite our Jamaican student’s suggestion we will not be eating goat!). We will certainly have to include Boston Cream Donuts for Roger and some sort of pasta for Mark. It is our plan to make this a fun Maritime Kitchen Party for our friends. We have discovered the power that having good wholesome fun has for the gospel. People marvel that we laugh so much and not at another’s expense. This apparently is a powerful witness to our friends which is good because here at Taylor we love to laugh.

     This is a great and fun community to belong to; if you are looking for a missional community, I highly recommend Taylor College. Come and join the party.


2 comments on “Laughter & the Missional Community

  1. Humour is an amazing tool in bringing down barriers and opening doors for the Gospel. I remember a conversation I had with Michael Green in which he said, “you can tell anybody anything as long as you have a smile on your face.” I think for a long time the church has had a sombre, serious tone and the shift towards a “smiling church” is a welcome missional shift.

  2. Let me say how wonderful it is to be a part of the “laughter” and “love” at Taylor. For all who do not know or have not visited with these folks in New Brunswick, Jim and I say, “Visit!” “Go, and see God working at His best through this family of brothers and sisters in Christ.” Our Father in heaven is smiling, I’m sure at the missional heart of these folks!!

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