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The Three Amigas

     I am happy to have the opportunity to share stories about Taylor College. Some of the greatest people in the world pass through our doors.

      Three summers ago we had three young women: Erin, Hilary, and Jessica, “The Three Amigas” have a summer missions experience in Aliquippa PA. They were working with an entrepreneurial Church Army Evangelist, John Stanley in a missional work based out the cafe “Uncommon Grounds”. Early in their summer the program changed as a flash flood swept through the street and neighbourhood. With the flood came the inevitable backing up of sewage and it was a mess. This mess became the calling of the amigas. They spent hours in dank dark basements shovelling out unspeakable mess and helping to restore hope and dignity.

    I believe that during this time God was at work in their lives and these young women became passionately committed to using creative means to help restore devastated lives. Each has graduated now and each has an innovative  missional  life. Erin works at a school in Yellowknife and she and husband, Ryan, sense a real call to build redemptive relationships with the “Hill Top” neighbourhood. Hilary has just been appointed manager of a local coffee shop and senses that God has called her to build relationships with staff and customers. She has a myriad of opportunities to listen and chat with people and to develop authentic community. Jessica works at a local day care with a responsibility to build relationships with parents. Jessica sees herself as the day care evangelist.

     These young women inspire me and I am grateful for the part Taylor College has played in their formation. If you or someone you know is looking for a community of people who want to know Jesus better and serve the world in His name, I cannot think of a better place.


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