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My Heroes

Last year Catherine and Gordon sold their home in Ontario to follow God’s leading to Saint John NB and Taylor College. This was not an easy decision but they had decided that they could no longer be satisfied with ‘ordinary Christian life’. They knew God was calling them to something extraordinary. At first the house did not sell and their studies were put off for a year but they persisted. It was a difficult year leaving family and security without knowing where this new road would lead. It was a difficult year learning or re-learning the habits of student life.

As a part of their missional activity they were involved each week day with “The Chicken Noodle Club” a lunch program in Saint John’s economically depressed South end. Gord was surprised by God as he fell in love with the children. This year he is not a student at Taylor (though he remains very much a member of our community) but is pursuing a calling to these children.

Catherine was not affected in the same way but she has discovered a passion for people. She remains a student and has marvellous gifts of encouragement in the community. She is working with Stone Church in another depressed neighbourhood of Saint John. She started a simple ‘craft’ program, helping women discover their creativity as means of finding their way to the Creator. Las Friday was her first time with them. She was expecting a handful but was surprised by the turn out of 17. During the crafts there is all sorts of time for conversations and these conversations range over a variety of topics and inevitably Jesus becomes one of those topics.

Gord and Catherine are role models for me. Their lives tell me not to cling too tightly to the status quo, to listen for God, to look for His surprises and to persevere even when it gets tough. I write this in hopes that they might inspire you as well. Maybe even to consider looking at Taylor College as an option for you.


One comment on “My Heroes

  1. I am so excited to be part of Taylor College; to both grow in the knowledge of Christ and be given the opportunities to put that knowledge into action. Yeah Taylor College!

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